There's nothing like getting behind the wheel of your Chevy and exploring during the summer months. However, you want to make sure your vehicle is serviced and ready to go so that you don't encounter any issues. You can visit the dealership so that someone can look over everything from the fluid levels to the battery before you get on the road.

Tires and Pressure

When you're traveling in Claremore, OK, for pleasure or everyday activities, you want to make sure the tires on your Chevy have the proper amount of tread and pressure. While at Suburban Chevrolet, someone can also look at the spare to make sure there are no issues with it in the event that it's needed. The pressure should be checked when your vehicle is cool to get an accurate reading.


Take the time to listen to your brakes. There should be no grinding from the brakes or squealing as these sounds can indicate the need for brake pads or new rotors. Sometimes, you can have your rotors turned if the pads haven't worn down for too long. You can also have the brake fluid, and lines in your Chevy checked to ensure there are no leaks that could prevent you from coming to a safe stop.

Charged Battery

An important component that you want to check before traveling during the summer months is your battery. If you plan to use the A/C system in your Chevy, it can put a strain on your battery if it's weak. The posts and the battery cables can also be checked to ensure a proper connection, as corrosion can build over time.

Other Parts

The fluids in your Chevy, such as the oil and transmission fluid, should be checked so that they are topped off and to make sure there are no leaks. The windshield wipers should also be examined for the summer season as the winter weather can cause cracks or other damage.

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