Most people understand the importance of drinking more water and taking steps to physically prepare for harsh summer weather, though not everyone understands that the same applies to vehicles. Seasonal summer service is necessary for every vehicle because it ensures your air conditioning system, tires, brakes, wipers, and other parts are in excellent condition. Finding out that a problem exists while on the road can become a brutal reality.

Air Conditioning

Summer months can be unbearable if you don't have an air conditioning system in your vehicle that works. Sometimes the issue is that the system blows hot air when you turn it on. Other times it might blow stale air or make a rattling sound. These are all indicators that a problem exists. Even if you are not experiencing noticeable issues, summer maintenance is necessary to ensure it stays that way throughout the summer. Our qualified service team can help ensure everything works as designed.


Nobody wants to get stuck on the side of the road during the summer when the sun is blazing. Unfortunately, that happens to many drivers because of missed service appointments. Heat can cause air pressure to increase in tires, resulting in an explosion. You can often prevent problems by having air pressure and tread checked. You also want to ensure your tires have an excellent grip for cornering and braking. Our qualified team will ensure you are ready for the road.


It's probably no surprise that regularly servicing your brakes should be a priority. Getting them serviced in the summer is just as important as in the winter because hot weather can cause braking components to overheat, reducing their effectiveness. Checking the brake fluid and other elements is critical. 

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