The last thing you want to do on your ride to Limestone is sweat in your car. Air conditioning is a non-negotiable factor in the warmer months. If you find yourself sweating in your car without sufficient cool airflow, schedule an appointment with our Service Center

Signs That You Need to Get Your Air Conditioning Looked At

  • Inconsistent cooling: If cold airflow isn't consistent at all times for all vents, you could need a fill-up of refrigerant. If it's a constant issue of needing a refill, there's most likely a leak that will need to be repaired.
  • No cold air at all: Not feeling any coolness? Maybe you don't feel airflow at all! Either way, we'll want to check out the source of the problem. We'll check if your ventilation fan is working properly and that your hoses are clean and in place.
  • Noticeable leaking: Leakage is an obvious factor you may need to take your vehicle into our service center. If you notice leaking inside and or outside your car, there could be a blockage or hole causing it.
  • The air smells: If you notice your AC is smelling a bit off, it could be due for a cleaning. Things like mold, dirt and other pollutants can be contributing factors to a smelly AC.

Cool Down Today

If you're in the Catoosa region and need to get your AC checked out before the heat waves arrive, schedule an appointment with our service center online or give us a call. We'll inspect your air conditioning system and diagnose the issue. With a transparent plan and budget-friendly prices, we'll get you cooled down in no time. Feel free to reach out to a member of our staff if you have any questions or concerns about our service center.

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